NUS LPP Korean

Decided to re-post about the NUS LPP Korean program as i have received many enquiries from interested parties. Basically, you can choose from 3 languages – Korean, French and German, and it is perfectly alright if you have zero knowledge on the languages. I applied to the LPP Korean language in 2010 purely because of my interest in the language.

LPP application opens from the end of May to mid-June for incoming NUS first year students. To apply for it, you would have a write an essay on why you are interested in LPP. I simply wrote down the truth and explained to them about my interest in the korean language. I think as long as you show your passion in learning the language that you are applying for, you will most likely to get it.

If you are looking to take the Korean LPP, this are my honest review on the modules.


Competitive, steep bell curve. Some of the students have definitely learn on their own or have undergo outside classes so they already have basic knowledge. If you have no prior knowledge on the korean language, it might be more difficult for you. The tests are relatively simple which makes it even harder for you to score and you cannot afford to make careless mistakes. Workload is high as it is 6hrs weekly plus all the studying time for tests, skits.


Same as the above. Very taxing and high workload. Plus you have to write your own scripts for your skits now instead of purely memorising them in level 1. Despite the high workload, i enjoyed writing my skit and performing them with our own handmade props. Will be a plus if you managed to get a teammate with the same wavelength to work with (2 in a team).


Now, it is finally more on par i would say. As the knowledge that the students learn by themselves or outside would only be up to level 2 Korean. If you work hard, you will score as the tests are getting more difficult and it helps to differentiate the better students from the not so good ones. Did i mention that you can get to make kimbap during class?!

LAK3203 (Korean for Academic Purposes)

This is more difficult than LAK4201 as this is the class for the LPP students only and is known as the Korean for Academic Purposes Class. This is to prepare you for the Korea SEP that you would most likely be going. This is really difficult and the workload is extremely high. The teachers go in a bullet speed and finish 1 chapter (comprises 5 sub chapters) in 1 week. Be prepared to write essays after essays for assignments. You have a skit as usual where, of course, you write your script. AND you have to make a presentation related to the course you are studying which makes it more difficult as you have to use technical terms.

I was struggling with this module as i overloaded with 6 other modules but now that the semester ends, i feel that my Korean really improve by undergoing the LAK3203 class as it really forces you to study Korean almost everyday.

Student Exchange Programme

I decided to explain more about this SEP. It is stated that SEP is compulsory for LPP students. However, it is really not compulsory. Also, even though you are in LPP, it does not give you any priority or confirmed places for the SEP programme. Some of my friends went through the LAK3203 class, which is supposed to be for students going for SEP, but ended up not given a place by NUS to go for SEP in Korea. It is still highly dependant on your results (CAP) whether you are granted a space for SEP. So, do well in your studies and you do not have to worry about not securing a place to go for SEP.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments and i will try to answer them, so good luck with your application and learning a 3rd language. Have fun!


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  1. Gladys says:

    Hello! Thanks for your helpful post! Could I ask you a question on whether you went on to level 5000 for Korean? And if you did, how was the workload and assessment compared to Korean 4000 or the academic program?

  2. Hi, i did my Advanced Korean in Korea so i am afraid i cannot provide you proper advise. However, i heard from my friends that it is definitely harder and the workload is probably about the same as level 4000. Workload for languages is usually quite high regardless the level.

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